Yami Mohr and Lori Mohr are a daughter/mother in-law duo that have been big fans of the crafting world (specially card making) for the last 6 years. Mohr Creative Crafts was created by them in order to share their ideas, creations, experiences, and journey through the crafting world.

About Yami Mohr

Yami started her crafting journey during her years in college by making scrapbooks. Back then, her mother in-law (Lori) introduced her into card making and stamping and she took interest to it and started to make her first few ink and stamp purchases. That said, it wasn’t until more recently that Yami has made crafting and cardmaking her hobby. Yami is a mom (to an adorable baby boy) and a full time employee (with a terrible commute she may say), but crafting and cardmaking has become her oasis and a way to express her creativity.

About Lori Mohr

Lori is the best mother in-law one can ask for (you’re too nice Yami), but so glad they are stuck with each other. Lori got involved with stamping after a girlfriend introduced her. Lori fell in love with it immediately. She is currently working on learning a lot of new techniques, but whether it’s stamping or watercolors, she hopes that between herself and Yami they can entice you to love the craft as much as they do. Card making and crafts are therapy for the sole. Lori and Yami hope you’ll enjoy the journey.

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