I’m Yami – This is Where I Create!

Hi! My name is Yami and this is my very first blog post! A little bit about myself – I am a mom, I work full time, and I absolutely love crafting (in particular card making!). Crafting/cardmaking became a serious hobby to me this past year after I had my son. Being a working mom, I realized that I needed to find an activity that would allow me to be creative and relax… and gave me some “Me Time”. These last 6 months, I have been experimenting with different techniques (watercoloring, using alcohol markers, embossing, sponging, etc.), and I am excited to share my experiences and results in this blog.

On this first post, I did want to share my crafting area and setup. I live in a small townhouse where space is very limited. So with the help of my awesome husband, we were able to turn a little nook in the basement into my creative corner.

To setup my little crafting area we got the following:

  • White desk with drawers and plenty of space for baskets for extra storage. This particular desk I got from Wayfair.
  • White shelf from Home Depot
  • Pegboard and pegboard hooks from Home Depot. I painted the pegboard blue (it was originally white), and masked with tape my initials (see bottom right corner of the pegboard) TIP: A pegboard is a great storage/organization solution for small spaces!

Please feel free to reach out to me and I will provide more details on my crafting area.

All that said, I am excited to start sharing my creations! My next posts will be around my watercolor journey – one stamp – 6 watercolor mediums. Sneak peek of the 6 cards I created are on the desk in the pictures above ( I know you can barely see them, but I will be posting close ups soon!).

This is the end of my first post EVER! But again I am just so exited to finally start sharing my crafting journey. Hope everyone has a fantastic week.

Thanks, Yami

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